Sunday, February 13, 2011

Going to take some time to get used to writing a blog, but I am sure if I take just five minutes before bed and write something short, then I will get into the habit of doing it.

Well, since my last blog, Mum has returned home, and life has returned to normal (somewhat). The weather is changeable, sometimes below freezing, and sometimes in the twenties. A quick glance online, it tells me it is currently 14c. Not bad at all for the middle of February.

Thinking of online, has got me thinking of how Dependant we are in the world on technology today. And being far from home, I rely on it even more. Facebook, MSN messenger, Skype, Yahoo, Email, BBCiplayer, UTVplayer - all things that are so small and in this world... but without them... I would be lost. Mobile phone, visa card. Even the very benefits of online banking allows me instant access to my accounts at home. I even have an internet phone with a Belfast number so people can call me for free... and go a step further, it even diverts to my American cell phone, so if by chance I am not in the apartment, I don't miss the call. Even digital photographs mean that I can see instantly pictures from home, without them having to go in the mail!

But I think what recently fascinating is my Theory Pedagogy class. We have a private Facebook group which we post our readings, our thoughts, and even our homeworks on. Everyone comments collaboratively. Our teacher is available for chat via Skype should we need to discuss anything. We are also piloting a new program called Noteflight - an online music notation software, were we create examinations, and musical scores, and everyone can alter them accordingly. It really is wonderful.

School is going great right now. I am enjoying it even more than last semester. As I already mentioned, I am taking a wonderful theory class, where we discuss teaching methods. I also am taking an Advanced Choral Conducting, and this is wonderful. Organ literature this semester is looking at the historical implications on performance practice from Bach onwards (Mendelssohn, Brahms, etc) and I also have my organ lessons with John.

Chamber Singers is always fun. We have a concert on Tues that I am really looking forward to, and then on Thursday we begin to work on Carmina Burana. Our choir trip to Ireland is pretty much finalized, we are starting to look at music for that... including a wonderful arrangement of 'I'll Tell Me Ma' !

Church is exciting right now too. We have a Spring Concert coming up in March, which will feature the 'Mass for the Children' by John Rutter. Yesterday a new Bishop for the East Tennessee Diocese was elected, and his installation is taking place at the church on June 25th. I have never seen an American Bishop be installed before, and for it to happen at my home church is very exciting. I am sure that the choir will be performing something wonderful for the occasion.

I really am going to try and update this more often, I know I keep saying this... but one day I will!!

Finally, last week I attended a concert at Lee University, Cleveland. The Swingle Singers, from the U.K. gave a wonderful recital, and my friend's sister (from chamber singers) is in the group! Not only did I get to hear this wonderful amazing group, but I also got to meet them all, and get a my program signed.


  1. Great to see you blogging again ... very interesting to read ... thanks.

  2. It wouldn't hurt to blog a bit more .... wee short blog every day!