Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well, Mum has arrived. Shortly after yesterdays blog, my friend Robyn arrived, and we sat and watched television and chatted for a while, before heading back to the airport to pick her mum. We arrived just as mum came down the escalator, and her baggage arrived a mere thirty seconds later.

After picking up the car, and saying goodbye to Robyn, I prepared mum for the drive back to he apartment... a hair raising experience to say the least. Poor mum, after 24 hours without sleep, had to master the art of driving an automatic 'compact car' which in European terms is something similar to a Ford Mondeo. On top of that she had to deal with driving on the right hand side of the road in the dark, and sitting on the left hand side of the car.
A map showing the confusing roads and junctions near my apartment, indicated by the black square

It took us a good few minutes to gingerly reverse out of the parking space, and cautiously drive back along 6 lane interstate (motorway). Eventually we made it. We have discovered that mum will have to make her british 'hot' tea in the microwave, because I do not have a kettle! A quick snack and it was off to bed... we had an early start for church at 10am.

Church for today was Farragut Presbyterian, tastefully decorated with the theme for the service being 'Light'. The nativity display in the entrance hall, which I am told moves forward towards the sanctuary each week in anticipation of Christmas, featured large wooden carvings that would put most nativity displays to shame. The Christmas tree was decorated with beautiful cross-stitched ornaments, and the church had flowers all around.

A short trip to Walmart Supercenter for some grocery shopping, preceded by lunch at Wasabi's. This is my favourite restaurant in Knoxville, (After P.F.Changs), and true dining experience. The chef prepares the food infront of you, with a 'circus' display of egg spinning, throwing rice balls for each person to catch in their mouths, and even making 'volcanoes of fire and smoke' when cooking onions.

After lunch, we made a short trip to Jo-Anns, which equals 'heaven' to mum. A craft and fabric store, selling every kind of fabric you can imagine, mum already has made a purchase of some nice easter material.

We have now made it home. I am putting the groceries away, and mum is having a nap. I wonder what the evening will bring?

Interesting thought for the day from a sermon at church. Imagine yourself, a prisoner in a dark cell, released to the outside world, a world of brightness that is unrecognizable, since your eyes can not adjust to the shadows that you knew as 'reality'. You slowly adjust and see the light, but if you where to return to your prison cell, how strong would you be if you where involved in a fight? Since your eyesight must adjust to the darkness... anyone that might pick a fight with you will surely win as you are blinded by the darkness. You are unrecognizable and changed by the light, since those that have never been released from the darkness of prison or sin, have never experienced the light.

Therefore, put on the rmour of light... bearing the truth, for light shines in the darkness, and the darkness knows him not.

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