Friday, October 1, 2010

So I finally got coaxed into starting a blog. I've been thinking about it for a while. The closest I got to blogging before this was on Facebook. So this is my first post! Exciting?!

So I have no idea what to write here. But... I could tell you about my week so far, so that you all can catch up. On Wednesday, at church (Church of the Ascension, Knoxville) we had a service of 'Confirmation, and Reaffirmation. The church was full with clergy the Bishop of Tennessee, Rev Rossenburg . The choir sang some really nice music. Sadly, all the hymn tunes here are unrecognisable, but my face lit up when we sang Love Divine as the last hymn (but it was to the tune Alleluia Sing to Jesus). And as usual after church we had nibbles which are always yum yum yum.

Then on Thursday (the day of the week I do not like at all) it was none stop. I had gave a presentation in organ lituriture class on 'Schiedemann'. Then I went for a 'loaded baked potato' (yum). Chamber Singers rehearsal did not go well on Tuesday. We have a concert next week, and the conductor Dr Angela Batey was in a foul mood with us. I think everyone is just so tired. But I know we will pull it off. After that I had an organ lesson, which went ok. I think my main problem right now is that you can 'never practice enough' and also that I have to listen to myself playing - it's one thing playing the notes, but another to listen to yourself at the same time.

Then me, my organ tutor John Brock, my room mate Karl and a few other class friends all pilled into the car and headed to Morristown, about one hour away, to hear an organ recital by Chelsea Chen. We stopped on the way at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. The church was beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture. She played everything from memory - how I do not know! And her  encore was a piece she arranged herself on the theme tunes from Super Mario.

This morning I had a music theory test on secondary dominants. I got my health insurance card in the mail this morning - finally! Then Karl and me went to Walmart to go grocery shopping. I am missing fish, so I bough some tipalatta fish. I have never tried it before but it was be reasonable at 70p a fillet. Now I must go and finish my organ liturature paper on Italian organs and music. 

Not long until Fall Break - I have one class on Wednesday, 0910 - 0955. And then I am off until Monday 10th October. Still finalizing what I am going to be doing, but it looks like Robyn and Sheridan, friends from Chamber singers, will be hanging out and going on a few day trips to Nashville and Chattanooga.


  1. That is so interesting... thank you! Glad someone talked you into doing a blog (wonder who!!.
    I've just had a photograph on BBC weather!!! Fun! Taken last week at Dundrum.
    Look forward to the continuing knews from Knoxville!